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Democracy Needs Defenders

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Friends of Democracy is a new effort to connect citizens concerned about the rise of authoritarianism. We advocate for pro-democracy foreign and domestic policies, build awareness of emerging threats and opportunities, promote democratic culture and organize to protect the integrity of our democratic institutions. 

A Better Tomorrow

Friends of Indian Democracy 

India's democracy is in danger. Nearly a third of the people who live under democracy live in India. But recent years have seen sharp declines in media freedom and judicial independence and an increasingly authoritarian culture. Read more on our inaugural campaign:  

Our Theory of Change

Making a Difference

A Supportive Hug


Democracy defenders and scholars of authoritarianism cite the importance of international solidarity and support to both freedom struggles and authoritarian movements and networks. We are building a network of support for brave individuals who strive for democracy. 

Lawyer and Client


The policies of our governments play a major role in the cost-benefit analyses of authoritarian leaders and movements. We advocate for pro-democracy foreign and domestic policies, articulating how such policies are often not just ethical, but prudent for democratic powers. 

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Nations at risk of authoritarianism are often enmeshed in the world in a host of economic, cultural, legal and diplomatic ways. We see these relationships as opportunities to encourage and support democratic defense. 

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