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“Modi Mirage” Report Attacked with Fake News

A new report and survey of global public opinion research by scholars in several countries throws doubt on PM Modi’s claims to have greatly improved India’s reputation in the world.

Polling data shows that Modi is neither well known nor well liked internationally and that India’s favourability ratings have plummeted in recent years in key regions like Europe. The report has been covered in a wide range of Indian and international media and tweeted by senior opposition leaders.

The report is a collaboration by respected academics which simply summarizes research from reputable polling firms. Nonetheless critics on Twitter/X and in the media have attacked the report, claiming that Friends of Democracy, which collaborated on the report, is in fact an American PAC led by Jonathan Soros. This is false. Friends of Democracy is entirely separate from the Soros PAC of the same name.

The report speculates that the reason for the wide gap between domestic perceptions and reality of India’s global reputation may be regime-fuelled disinformation. This attack on the report seems to be an illustration of that point, as it fails to engage on the substantive points made by reputable research firms and scholars on India’s global reputation, and offers only an ad hominem and false criticism of a nonprofit partner.

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